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All results must be sent by "WhatsApp" (preferred) (or MMS) to the
General Secretary,Jon Whalley (07530 282333) no later than the final date of each round

Scroll down for competition rules and contact numbers

To be played no later than 24th August 2019
Best of 7 frames
1 John Moore   V   Wayne Royle
2 Matt Woollerton   V   Chris Travers
3 Sean Gormley   V   Nick Keighan
4 Paul Sutton   V   Dom Mills
5 Peter Lorne   V   Shariff Ghoorahoo
6 Rick Athorn   V   Dean Blackwell
7 Kieran Mcallister   V   John Curzon
8 Tom Kelly   V   Ben Matthews
9 Richard Foster   V   Matt Wiliamson
10 Jason Gardiner   V   Chris Wilson
11 Jason King   V   Clive Slifkin
12 Wayne Nuttall   V   Al Smith
13 Kyle Wilson   V   Dave Perry
14 Jon Whalley   V   Chris White
15 Tony Langdale   V   Mark Astbury
16 Nick Athorn   V   Lee Hutchinson
17 Nick Blench   V   Liam Pedley
18 Steve Lindley   V   Carl Horsfield
19 Nick Powell   V   Anthony Stokes
20 Ste Hutchinson   V   Tyler Fyfe
21 Lawson Mitton   V   Jared Bailey
22 Bob Grant   V   Mark Beeson
23 Gary Langdale   V   Bye
24 Martin Harris   V   Bye
25 Luke Johnston   V   Bye
26 Ste Horsfield   V   Bye
27 Matt Norbury   V   Bye
28 Stephen Nield   V   Bye
29 Ryan Moore   V   Bye
30 Neil Robinson   V   Bye
31 John Gordon   V   Bye
32 Matt Burrows   V   Bye
To be played no later than 10th September 2019
1     V    
2     V    
3     V    
4     V    
5     V    
6     V    
7     V    
8     V    
9     V    
10     V    
11     V    
12     V    
13     V    
14     V    
15     V    
16     V    
To be played on 14th September 2019
Venue - Hazel Grove Snooker Club
1     V    
2     V    
3     V    
4     V    
5     V    
6     V    
7     V    
8     V    
To be played on 14th September 2019
Venue - Hazel Grove Snooker Club
1     V    
2     V    
3     V    
4     V    
To be played on 14th September 2019
Venue - Hazel Grove Snooker Club
1     V    
2     V    
To be played on 14th September 2019
Venue - Hazel Grove Snooker Club
1     V    
The knockout will be played to Blackball Rules. PDF copies of the rules and summary of the rules are available in the Downloads section of the website.
Matches for all rounds up to the Last 32 (inclusive) will be played to the best of 7 frames. From the last 16 frames will be announced on the day.
In accordance with the Blackball Rules players will lag to decide the initial break and alternate through to the end of the match (including any decider).
Last 64 - Last 32 - Home Players Choice
Last 16 onwards will be played on one day at Hazel Grove Snooker Club
There are two weeks allocated for playing the first two rounds as per the calendar.
Both players to contact each other as soon as possible to arrange their match for the first two rounds
Players are required to be responsive to each other's communications when necessary (even if it's just to say "I'll let you know tomorrow morning")
First player to make contact should provide as many dates as possible
Players should respond by either accepting a proposed date, or providing an alternative list of possible dates
Both players should explicitly confirm an agreed date.
Home player should state their designated venue.
A date should be agreed during the first quarter of the time-frame allocated for that round
Matches that have not been arranged within the first quarter should be reported to the committee, otherwise the players take full responsibility to ensure their match is played within time-frame allocated
Once a match has been arranged, it can only be rescheduled if both players agree to an alternative date (within the time-frame allocated for that round)
Players should keep a record of communications between themselves in case the committee need to intervene
Committee reserves the right to eliminate any player at any time
Matches that have not been played by the deadline will result in one or both players being eliminated. If neither players have followed the guidelines above, they'll both be eliminated. The committee may decide if one of the players deserves to automatically advance to the next round.
Anyone requesting a deadline extension will be INSTANTLY REFUSED.
If players contact the committee during the first quarter to report problems arranging their match, the committee reserve the right to make an exception to this rule at their discretion (e.g. both players are actively trying to arrange a match early on but are unable to find a time that suits).
Communication is vital. If you try to arrange your match early, we're here to help. If you leave it too long, we're not interested, it's your problem.



Astbury, Mark (07725 630912)
Athorn, Nick (07894 100579)
Athorn, Rick (07701 055593)
Bailey, Jared (07845 865766)
Beeson, Mark (07701 059224)
Blackwell, Dean (07446 128233)
Blench, Nick (07729 732667)
Burrows, Matt (07867 303124)
Curzon, John (07545 483315)
Foster, Richard (07792 663857)
Fyfe, Tyler (07544 354525)
Gardiner, Jason (07817 910034)
Ghoorahoo, Shariff (07742 940150)
Gordon, John (07850 974415)
Gormley, Sean (07800 571265)
Grant, Bob (07876 565991)
Harris, Martin (07990 016790)
Horsfield, Carl (07399 990665)
Horsfield, Ste (07341 815613)
Hutchinson, Lee (07976 731385)
Hutchinson, Ste (07768 963787)
Johnston, Luke (07913 609666)
Keighan, Nick (07939 824191)
Kelly, Tom (07880 685159)
King, Jason (07702 165375)
Langdale, Gary (07853 994231)
Langdale, Tony (07940 204576)
Lindley, Steve (07889 661123)
Lorne, Peter (07432 632982)
Matthews, Ben (07913 366158)
Mcallister, Kieran (07854 348134)
Mills, Dom (07804 152208)
Mitton, Lawson (07970 500016)
Moore, John (07503 343236)
Moore, Ryan (07922 632933)
Nield, Stephen (07479 942646)
Norbury, Matt (07717 300151)
Nuttall, Wayne (07931 751344)
Pedley, Liam (07788 235175)
Perry, Dave (07733 528336)
Powell, Nick (07891 531140)
Robinson, Neil (07716 723807)
Royle, Wayne (07454 788078)
Slifkin, Clive (07783 115958)
Smith, Al (07833 668026)
Stokes, Anthony (07928 143841)
Sutton, Paul (07754 331309)
Travers, Chris (07854 726709)
Whalley, Jon (07530 282333)
White, Chris (07710 261258)
Wiliamson, Matt (07815 793439)
Wilson, Chris (07810 266869)
Wilson, Kyle (07701 059224)

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